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To prevent lined machineries from abrasive ferrous bits and nails, An Over Band Magnetic Separators are used. An Over Band Magnetic Separator is provided with electric motor and geared motor. Reduction gear is provided to drive equipment’s vee-belt. In this kind of magnetic separator, there is magnetic pole, covered by a non magnetic pole.

It is made of two different U-section pieces that are fixed by bearings. Mostly it is used to remove ferrous impurities from the material for recycling. The instruments and attachments of recycling machines like shredders and crushers are prevented from abrasive contaminants by removing those ferrous contaminants with an Over Band Magnetic Separators. Over Band Magnetic Separator is used to enhance product quality and also to enhance durability of machineries. It is used in domestic waste cycle, cement industries, coal mines, foundries, food processing and plastic recycling.

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