Superconductivity Magnetic Separator

We are the leading Superconductivity Magnetic separator Manufacturer in Ahmedabad, Gujarat. The superconductor separators are the type of the new generation magnetic separator as a source of the magnetic field a DC superconductor is used.

We provide the best quality Superconductivity Magnetic Separator which is made using the best quality raw materials & are known for their quality in national & international market. Our company has a great experience in providing the solution related to the wide range of magnetic equipment which are demanded in the market & are used by the different industrial sector.

And, the working of this Magnetic Separator is very simple as its consist of a large number of the Superconductor Magnets through which the mixture of mineral is passed on the metal trough which has a division at the exit end. Depending upon the magnetic field strength or slope of trough it can be used for separating minerals.

Superconductivity Magnetic Separator

High Temperature Superconducting Magnetic System

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Features of Superconductivity Magnetic Separator

  • Superior quality
  • Wide range availability
  • Less maintenance required
  • Easy customized as per the requirement
  • Available at competitive price
  • Highly efficient

Have any requirement related to Superconductivity Magnetic Separator than we would provide an exact solution for all your requirements.

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