Eddy Current Separator Manufacturer

We are the leading manufacturer of Eddy Current Separator in India. This is a type of machine which make use of powerful magnetic field for separating the non ferrous metal from the waste or the ore stream. It mainly makes use of the eddy current for separation for effecting the separation. The non ferrous metal which can be handles using ECS are copper, aluminium & die cast material.

The Linux Magnetics have great experience in this field & has served more than thousands of clients across the country. We design our current separator range using the best quality raw materials & by using the latest technology. They too are known for their quality in the market.

Eddy Current Separator manufacturer in gujarat

Eddy Current Separation

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Features of Eddy Current Separator

  • Superior quality
  • Wide range availability
  • Easy customization
  • Requires less maintenance
  • Null loss of valuable material
  • Maximum yield of non ferrous metal recovery
  • Has a tensile structure with a stable foundation

Application of Eddy Current Separator

  • Wood waste processing
  • Separation of non ferrous chips
  • Aluminium can recovery from recycle plant
  • Glass cullet recycling
  • Aluminium extrusion recycling
  • Aluminium scrap recovery in sand reclamation

Eddy Current Separator Specification:

  • Belt Drive- 1 to 3 hp
  • Rotor Drive- 5 to 10 hp
  • 1st Vibratory Motor- 0.5 hp
  • 2nd Vibratory Motor- 0.5 hp
  • Drum Size- 300x500 mm to 300x1500 (depending upon model selected)
  • Belt Width- 650mm to 1650mm
  • Capacity- 1500kg to 2 tons/hr

The complete solution related to Eddy Current Separator is provided by our company that also at a very competitive price. We design our entire range considering the international standards & can easily be used across the country.

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