Magna Roll Manufacturer

The Linux Magnetics is the prime Magna Roll Manufacturer in Gujarat & provide complete solution related to this roll worldwide. Our company’s Magna Roll is a type of the Dry Magnetic Separator which has the fixed magnets (they have a high field intensity).

The Magnets which are used in Magnetic Rollers are designed using the alloy of rare earth elements which makes them stronger as compare to other magnets. And, due which they can easily generate a strong attraction force. As, the attraction force is stronger they possess low magnetic sensitivity, hence can easily separate very fine Magnetic Minerals.

Magna Roll Manufacturer

Magnetic Roller Separators

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Features of Magna Roll Manufacturer

  • Superior quality
  • Compact construction
  • Have single or multi stage separation
  • Easy maintenance
  • Have automatic belt tracking & tensioning
  • Easy customization
  • Low power consumption

Application of Magna Roll Manufacturer

  • Raw material cleaning
  • Diamond beneficiation
  • Glass raw material cleaning
  • Bauxite cleaning
  • Metal recovery from waste
  • Ceramic raw material cleaning
  • Food & Grain cleaning

The Magna Roll provided by our company are designed using the best quality raw materials which provide these rolls the superior quality. We design them considering the client requirements. And, our team is 24x7 available for our clients, provide the best product & services to them.  

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