Hopper Magnet Manufacturer

Linux magnetics is Ahmedabad located, the most well known hopper magnet manufacturer and exporter in India engaged in manufacturing magnetic separators at competitive price. Hopper magnet is one type of grill magnet available in stainless steel construction. These magnets are an essential parts in many industries to achieve maximum level of purity during material separation.

We - Hopper Magnet, provide protection to plastic extruders and molding machine against iron contagion such as nails, nuts, iron bits and many more. They confirm the trouble free and smooth operation of the machine. We supply hopper magnets in variety of shapes and designs to fit in any size of hopper that demanded by our precious clients.

Hopper Magnets for Plastic Injection Moulding machines

Round Hopper Magnet

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Application of Hopper Magnet

  • Plastic
  • Minerals
  • Chemical
  • Ceramic
  • Paints
  • Dyes and  Pigments
  • Pharmaceutical
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