Sorting Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

The Linux Magnetics  is the leading Sorting Conveyor Belt Manufacturer in Gujarat, India. Our company is engaged in production of a wide range of the sorting conveyors & many products which are highly demanded in the industries.

These Sortation Conveyor Belts are basically used for the separation of the products in some specific destination lands which are used for the better distribution & also helps in increasing the productivity. They help a lot in moving the products of different sizes & weight from one place to another.

These Sorting Conveyor Belts play a significant role in identification & classification of products, transportation of product to required point & also used for assembling cartons & items. It is one of the most convenient & affordable method for processing a wide range of products. They can also easily divert a product from one conveyor line to another & provide great sorting solution.

Sorting Conveyor Belt Manufacturer

Automated Conveyor Sorting Systems

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Features of Sorting Conveyor Belt

  • Stronger
  • Excellent design
  • Require less maintenance
  • Can handle a desire amount of load
  • The dimension can be easily customized
  • 220/380 V
  • Made using the aluminium, mild steel, carbon steel

The length of these sorting conveyor belts & their load capacities can be easily adjusted depending upon the client requirement. Have any requirement related to these conveyor belts approach the Linux Magnetics for an exact solution for all your requirements.

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