Magnetic Roll Separator

Our Company is the leading Magna Roll Manufacturer in India & we have a great experience in these fields. We design this roll separator which is very cost effective, high gradients, high intensity, etc., which are designed using the latest innovative technology.

The Magnetic Rollers are available in diffe rent variant which can be chosen as per the requirements. we also deal in High Intensity Magnetic Roller Separator which make use of the short conveyor belts which envelope the tensioning ideal roll & magnetic roll. A suitable feeder discharges the material on belts. As they travel on the belts, the paramagnetic & ferromagnetic particles get follow to the belts path while the nonmagnetic particles flow of freely at the end of the conveyor.

This Magnetic Roller can be efficiently for the usage of the grain cleaning & the grains like rice, wheat, corn, pulses, cumin, fennel, sesame, etc. can be cleaned by these separators. Besides, they are also used for the different industrial applications & can be used for handling a wide range of the materials.

The best quality Magnetic Separator Roll in India at very affordable price is provided by our company.

Magnetic Roll Separator in Gujarat

Roller Type Magnetic Separators

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