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Linux Magnetics is marked as prime Magnetic Separators Manufacturer and Exporter, Offers in varied configurations. For the efficient separation of material and contaminants, Our Offered wide assortment of Magnetic Separator are Pipe Line Magnetic Separator, Inline Drum Magnetic Separator, Wet Drum & Single Drum Magnetic Separator, Electro Magnetic Separator, Wet Slurry Electro Magnetic Separator, Roll Magnetic Separator, Wet High Intensity Magnetic Separator, Belt Magnetic Separator, Double Roller Magnetic Separator, Dry Powder Magnetic Separator, Quartz Magnetic Separator, Super Conductivity Magnetic separator, and Garnet Magnetic Separator etc. As a Authorized Manufacturers, Exporters, Suppliers, Dealers of Magnetic Drum Separator in Gujarat, India, we offer precise magnetic separators used for several domestic and industrial applications.

Magnetic Drum Separator In Ahmedabad

These Inline Drum Type Magnetic Separators contains completely enclosed design to eliminate pollution and dusting. It is provided with powerful magnets that offer high magnetic field. It is provided with isotropic permanent magnets for best results. In order to obtain high accurate result, Double Drum Magnetic Separators are used. At the end of the drum, stationary permanent magnets and ferrite magnets are placed. Material is passed through drums twice for effective output.

In production line, it is necessary to remove very fine contaminants for the procedure. In ceramics, material must be free from all impurities. For such operations in which raw material is needed free from contaminants the multi stage drum separators are used. Material is subject to pass through the drum for thrice or for more time. Multi Stage Drum Separators are used for bulk materials.

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